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so i should be asleep rite now so i can get up early tomorro and do all the things i need to do. but i am not tired for some reason. maybe it is because i took a nap after samantha went home to take her nap. i dunno. but dannielle wasn't too pleased that i took a nap. she didn't sound mad, just like she wanted me to come over while all her soccer friends werethereforaparty.justa sec...my ghetto keyboard neededtobehitalittle cuz some of the keys dont work all the time. i didn't want to go over there while she was having her little soccer party. am i a part of her soccer team??? nooooo so why would i go to her SOCCER party. my dad left around ten. i didn't ask where but he prolly went to gamble. my parents do that a lot. sometimes its a hassle. i think it has an emotional toll too. not just on them, but on me too. they mite not realize it, but until i find a job, how much money they gamble or spend affects me too. i dunno. my dad went by himself tho. he usually doesn't do good when he is by himself. i dont mean do good like winning, i mean do good like knowing when to stop.
im so glad we had this weekend off from yearbook. i dunno, i have to be an aggressive person being an editor and thats not really me. i think that is why im so grateful to have john. he makes phone calls and whatnot. and that is a really good thing since im not a phone person. sometimes i feel like brandi doesn't do what i ask as an editor b/c she is one of my best friends. i think she may be getting better at that tho, b/c the other day i was asking her about a wakeboarding spread and she gave me all the information and then when i asked her to let me know when she knows when they will be going again she was like yeh, i'll tell you as soon as i find out. i appreciate that.
I need a really good book to read b/c i dont feel i have read anything good in a long time.
i think i feel my eyelids getting heavier. could i possibly have partial insomnia?
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