kathleen (vanityrots) wrote,

What happens when its gone...

So I am reading this book now, and at first i thought it was questioning God. But as i read on and approached the middle of the book i realized that it was really questioning the extent of people's faith in God. Those people who are righteous and aren't afraid to tell people that they are going to go to hell for all their sins. It really questions how much far their faith takes them and if it takes them further from God. It is a very interesting book so far, but a sort of depression is starting to root from it. It brings thoughts of losing someone you really were in love with and cared for, and i guess all the sadness comes from the fact that i don't have someone like that. i never have, really. And it makes me wonder about a lot of things. A lot of people spend time telling people like me that they will find somebody eventually. But there are people who don't. What happens if i end up like one of the exceptions?
my last week of government is next week. im actually kind of sad about it. it was a great class. i wish it were my psychology class that was ending next week. I have no idea why I do so bad in that class. I study every night after class and on the weekends, almost triple the amount of time i study for gov't, and i still get b's on my tests.
when we get our tests back in gov't, tuan always asks me what my score was. and then when i tell him and A he goes into this really annoying thing where he talks about how he is dumb and he can only get b's and i do so much better and i don't even study as much. it really annoys the shit out of me. i don't know why people do that; to get sympathy? well, i try to be polite...but im reaching the point where I can't be anymore. he is just too annoying...
The senior portraits thing came in the mail today. I called the lady in charge because the flyer said our week ended on july 10, but we received the letter on the ninth. There is no way that people are going to get in there before our week is up. So I was calling to complain, but she wasn't in. so i left a message. It made me so mad.
i need a new job. i have to quit this one soon because it wont fit into my schedule. this really sucks because it took me a really long time to even find this job.
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